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Brooke's Picks: Crested Butte, Colorado

If you follow me on social media, then you know that I recently spent some time in Colorado. I moved around a lot as a kid but am lucky that Colorado was a place where I spent one of the longest amounts of time. I love the mountains and the fresh air, the snow and skiing in the winter, but my favorite time to visit is the summer when the wildflowers are out, the sky is deep blue, the mountains are green and snow capped, and daily temperatures hit a perfect, no-humidity 84 degrees. The town in Colorado dearest to my heart is Crested Butte because not only is it one of the most beautiful and pristine places I’ve ever...

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How It All Began

  If you’ve visited my showroom, you probably noticed a framed copy of an Estee Lauder print ad from the 1970s hanging with other photos and keepsakes. It features iconic model Karen Graham wearing a collar necklace designed by my late uncle, Richard Glassen. You can even see his name in tiny print on the ad. I keep this tear from Vogue Magazine as a reminder of where my line started--with family as inspiration. I’ve written before about my dad the geologist and how he introduced me to gems and minerals. But you may not know that my uncle (and godfather) Richard was a jewelry designer and was also extremely instrumental in influencing my designs.   The necklace in this...

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Summer Stones & Their Stories

Two questions I’m often asked are where do I get the stones I use, and what are the metaphysical meanings behind the different gems. So this month I’m sharing about my process of sourcing and selecting the stones. My dad is a geologist, so I’ve been into gems and minerals since I was a kid. I had a rock collection I used to keep in egg crates, with each little dip labeled. I guess you could say that collection has grown! I believe the connection between the stones and the person wearing them is powerful and important, which is why I select each stone individually. This hand selection ensures that every piece is the best of its kind in color...

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A Big Deal

Hey guys. I'm excited to tell you that we've partnered up with our friends at StyleBlueprint on a special offer--spend $50 on our StyleBlueprint Deal and receive $100 in credit to use in our online shop or in our showroom. There's a limited quantity of these, and the deal is only available for a short time. PLUS, we just released our best-selling Goddess Collars in rose gold and added a mixed metal trio. In case you need a little motivation... - Brooke

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5 Off-Duty Things I'm Into Right Now

 I love how spring sneaks up on me each year. It seems like one week I’m pulling on sweaters and boots and then - surprise - the weather turns, and it’s delicious. There are dozens of ways I could cheerfully spend a day off but, in the first flush of warm weather, and especially when my kiddos are on school vacation, here’s how I’d do the Perfect Spring Day.  1. Find some uncommon plants, like white feather hosta and giant allium, to put in my garden at home. I enjoy the routine of daily watering and watching my new garden change as spring turns to summer. 2. Laughter and warm evenings with friends. There is something so right about taking gatherings...

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