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5 Off-Duty Things I'm Into Right Now

I love how spring sneaks up on me each year. It seems like one week I’m pulling on sweaters and boots and then - surprise - the weather turns, and it’s delicious.

There are dozens of ways I could cheerfully spend a day off but, in the first flush of warm weather, and especially when my kiddos are on school vacation, here’s how I’d do the Perfect Spring Day. 

1. Find some uncommon plants, like white feather hosta and giant allium, to put in my garden at home. I enjoy the routine of daily watering and watching my new garden change as spring turns to summer.

2. Laughter and warm evenings with friends. There is something so right about taking gatherings to the porch or patio while the kids run around the yard. Staying up late on a weeknight is fun. Of course, margaritas (my favorite cocktail) are mandatory!

3. A book, a day bed, and an hour or two to read and nap. For the day after the (late) night before, an afternoon siesta is a lovely indulgence.

4. Hiking at Shelby Bottoms. This public greenway is one of Nashville’s treasures! Walk, run, bike, it’s mile after mile of connected trails and hidden views of the Cumberland River. We always run into people we know when we come here, and the kids love the rambling adventure of exploring outdoors.

5. Someone else cooking. I love food. Actually, I have to admit, there’s usually always someone else cooking because my husband is a chef. I can cook, but on days off, we like to eat out, preferably Thai or Sushi.

As long as my favorite people are with me, I can experience a spring day like it’s a mini vacation. Time away leaves me revived and ready to get back to my work in the studio, creating pieces and ideas for the season ahead.

- Brooke


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