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If you follow us on Instagram, you already know I’ve been in Hawaii this month, enjoying what was honestly the most epic vacation I’ve taken since visiting Thailand several years ago.

Everything about Hawaii was equal parts inspiring and relaxing.

The mountains crashing into the ocean, the lush foliage and beachside forests, and of course the brilliant blue ocean, were pure bliss. We stayed with artist and musician friends on the northern side of the island for a portion of the time and the non-stop influx of good food and stories, views to die for and great weather made for a perfect vacation. Our last few nights were spent at the Hyatt in Poipu, which was gorgeous and had a pool straight out of a fairy dream. It would be a great spot to take the kids (although I was not sad we didn’t have them). ;)

One of the highlights was hiking the Kalalau Trail--11 miles of stunning scenery that leads to a small beach along the Na Pali Coast on the north side of the island of Kauai. Around every turn was a view to die for and the constant flowers and big leaved foliage was almost too much to take. SO beautiful! The next day we chartered a helicopter to see the trail and island from another perspective. Remember the epic intro to Jurassic Park? Yep--this is the spot. If you EVER have a chance to do this, I highly recommend doing the open door ride (yep, just do it) and wearing a down jacket and ski hat (SO cold!).

These experiences have made such an impact on me creatively. I’m designing a summer collection based on the days I spent on Hawaii’s islands. Expect more organic materials, tribal and vibrant looks--beautiful reminders of island living.

- Brooke


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