My Fall/Winter '17 Inspiration

Brooke Seraphine

Posted on November 07 2017

My Fall/Winter '17 Inspiration

If you’ve been following the blog you know that I spent my 10th anniversary with my husband in Kauai, Hawaii earlier this year. It was my first time visiting the islands, but it definitely won’t be the last! I found Hawaii to be wonderfully exotic (one of my favorite vacation requirements) but also comfortably American. The artistic designs of the native peoples, the love for the sea and nature shared by so many people I encountered during my stay, and the lush tropical foliage quickly pushed the islands to one of my favorite all time destinations. When I returned I felt rejuvenated, and I poured that into designs for Fall/Winter this year. Here are a few of the elements that directly inspired my designs.

The Napali Coast line--you can’t get away from the color! The earth smashed against the blue of the sea. Our Origin line is smothered in blue, green, rust orange and earth tones this year.  

Let’s just say the designs on the beach caught my eye. ;)  If I wouldn’t feel like such a poser inking myself with native designs, I would definitely have a Hawaiian tattoo! I love the repeating geometric patterns sported by the indigenous Hawaiians.

Spending so much time in south Florida has put a soft spot in my heart for banyan and mangrove trees. While in Hawaii I also stumbled upon these gems--a vertical version of the ones I’m used to. The lines are so interesting and organic.

I hope you love our new fall/winter pieces as much as I do!

- Brooke

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