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The Designer

“I believe that true beauty is natural; something that doesn’t need a lot of work. Our signature stone, raw pyrite, is the personification of this philosophy.”  
Brooke Seraphine’s love of gems and minerals began at a young age. Born into a family of scientists and artists, her geologist father encouraged Brooke to search for natural wonders, wherever they were. This connection with the outdoors and its treasures underscores her design philosophy and practice today.
Brooke’s jewelry harnesses the natural beauty and energy of nature. Her pieces attract attention. They are sophisticated and brilliant, sparkly and glamorous, colorful and serene.
She designs for women who want distinctive jewelry that reflects who they are--stylish, multi-faceted, self assured, and compelling. It’s the perfect metaphor for Brooke herself, at work in her Nashville studio and showroom, where samples of collars, cuffs and rings are displayed alongside dishes of loose crystals and her signature Peruvian pyrite, the raw stone which anchors most of her designs.
Brooke’s home showcases her curated collections of natural artifacts, textiles, photography and books, which is where you’ll find her on weekends, sharing time with the people she most loves, in her own element, naturally.
To learn more about Brooke and Seraphine Design, or to request an interview, visit our contact page.