Materials and Care

Our jewelry is handmade or hand assembled in the USA with the highest attention to quality and detail.  All of our pieces are made from heavy gauge metal and are heavy 14k gold plated well above the industry minimum standard.  All stocked jewelry is in 14k gold plated brass.  We welcome custom orders for sterling silver, vermeil and solid gold.  Please contact us through the custom orders section at the bottom of our home page for more information.

Our diamonds are top quality and have a clarity rating of VSII and color of GH.  They are .06 carats and measure apx. 2.5 mm across.

Our fine opal is cultured.  This means that it is created with all natural ingredients under conditions exactly mimicking Mother Nature, without the environmental damage that can be caused by mining.  There is absolutely no dye in this stone, the color is caused by refraction of the materials in the stone.  No one stone is alike.  

The signature stone of our collection, Peruvian pyrite is an all natural stone and is hand cut by local artisans outside of Lima.  This stone is not coated.  

Please do not use polishing compounds or cloths on your plated jewelry as too much abrasion can cause dulling of the metal.  The best way to clean your gold jewelry and opal stones is to run the piece under water and gently hand wash with dish soap, and gently towel dry.  Our pyrite can be lightly scrubbed with a toothbrush to remove any oils or residue.  Sterling silver and gold jewelry can be cleaned using any silver polishing compound or a polishing cloth.  Polishing cloths are included with every fine metal purchase.