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Our Materials

Raw. Natural. One-of-a-kind.

Since the beginnings of Seraphine Design, the common thread throughout our jewelry has been our signature stone, raw Peruvian pyrite. Naturally faceted and brilliant, our pyrite is sourced from a mine outside of Lima. The stones are cut and sanded by local artisans and then incorporated by hand into our pieces in Nashville and New York. Our semi-precious stones come to us from locations around the world. Each one is A grade quality and carefully chosen. 
We use solid brass and plated base metal in rhodium and 14 karat gold. Our earring posts are stainless steel, sterling silver or 14 karat gold. You may notice that not all of our collars and bracelets are pictured in brass AND gold. When looking through photographs of our Origin collection, we decided it was too difficult to tell the difference in the two metals--they look very much alike on a computer screen. The difference in person is in the luster of the metal. Brass has a matte finish and 14k gold plate has a high shine.